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Mother Nature's Best Kept Secret

Shinier, Longer Hair • Flawless Skin • Stronger, Faster Growing Nails The Secret Weapon To Improve Your Overall Appearance. Discover Natural Beauty Today. Money Back Guarantee.

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We stand behind Biotanicals. If you aren't completely satisfied with your results, simply contact us and we will refund your order, no questions asked! We are that confident you will love it.

Biotanicals for Hair, Skin and Nails

Reviews from Instagram

"This stuff is amazing. My hair and skin has never looked better!"


"My hair is so much healthier looking now! It has a shine to it."

"No more ridges on my nails. "


"The only downside is I need to get my hair colored a little more frequently than before!"

"All-natural and it works."


"I have seen other vitamins for hair online. This one works! "


Improve your overall appearanceDramatically

Our Sea Berry Discovery

Twelve years ago, entrepreneur Bruce McMullin and his family traveled to the Himalayan valleys of Nubra and Leh. There, he discovered the Himalayan sea berry. Bruce learned first-hand of the incredible physiological benefits from using omega-7 nutritionally, and the Sea berry is packed full of it.

The Highest Quality

Biotanicals' sea berries are 100% proprietary and because Biotanicals oversees the entire process from hand-harvesting to the final bottling and labeling of the product, users are guaranteed the freshest, most potent, eco-friendly, ethically-produced product available. We strive to stand with the people of the Himalayas. One of Biotanicals' main goals remains helping the indigenous people of the Himalayas. Biotanicals pays the harvesters a living wage (500% more than they were paid prior to SIBU's involcement) and have created hundreds of jobs in the region.

Key Top Benefits

With age, our epithelial tissue slowly starts to produce less and less mucous. This mucous contributes to the overall hydration and moisture of many organs, including skin, hair, and nails. Biotanicals' proprietary formulation of Omega 7 fatty acids contribute greatly tothe moisture levels in our mucous membranes, and consequently to overall human health. Biotanicals is engineered to have a dramatic effect on your overall appearance.

The Secret Origin

Our Himalayan Sea Berry (ssp. Turkestanica) soars higher than more common sea berries. Its struggle to survive within the thin mountain air 12,000 feet above sea level has created an omega-7 packed powerhouse fortified with over 190 bioactive compounds. The Tibetian people have harvested the therapeutic power of this resilient fruit for more than 13 centuries. Tibetian medical doctors have used sea berry in every day treatments of many ailments dating back to the Sibu Yidian 800AD.

See Your Hair Dramatically Change

The benefits of Sea Buckthorn (Sea Berry) have been know about for a millennium. Women throughout history have used sea buckthorn for its ability to dramatically improve your overall appearance. In fact, it appears in legends from multiple cultures. Sea buckthorn's proper name normally ends in "hippophae," which means "shiny horse." One story about the power of sea buckthorn comes from Greek times. It is told that the Greeks freed a herd of elderly and ill horses to the field. Several months later, these once-sick horses came back looking healthier than ever. Their coats were long and shiny. The horses found sea buckthorn and would chew the leaves and berries, leading the Greeks to discover the berry's beauty potential.

Women experience faster growing, healthier hair when they take Biotanicals regularly. Most woman also comment about their nails being shinier and healthier than before. Read some of the inspiring reviews sent in from our loyal customers like Ashley and Jenna.

"My hair has always lacked volume. I use a lot of conditioner to no end. After using Biotanicals, my hair is so full & actually has a shine to it now. Thanks!!:)"

Ashley Johnston Montclair, NJ

"After years of blow drying my hair, it was totally fried. I even got some extensions to make my hair look shinier & fuller. After a month of Biotanicals I noticed significant changes. It just seems healthier."

Jenna Yu Stanford, CT

Make Your Skin Look Years Younger

As we all know, getting older alters both the structure and the mechanical properties of the skin. Aged skin is less elastic than younger skin, leading to wrinkles, stretch marks, and worse. Biotanicals slows down the aging process of the skin, restoring the moisture, vitality, and elasticity of youth.

"My skin is constantly glowing. I keep getting asked if I am pregnant or if I had Botox LOL!"

Melissa Vasquez Santa Monica, CA

"The cold Winters in Colorado really take a toll on my skin. After Biotanicals, I seem to need less lotion & have more of a consistent, natural glow. This product works!!"

Alyssa Fox Denver, CO

Watch Your Nails Grow Rapidly

Biotanicals helps nail growth and also improves the overall health and appearance of your nails naturally. Your nails will be stronger and seem less brittle. You will even see commmon ridges in your nails disappear. Get ready for the compliments! Share with your secret with your manicurist.

"I always thought my nails were just naturally unattractive LOL. Using Biotanicals really changed how I feel about my nails. They seem to shine naturally a lot more than before."

Ashley Nelson Arlington, VA

"My nails look great!! I no longer have ridges. My mani-pedi manicurist was amazed at the change in my nails. I ended up sharing the Biotanicals website with her when she was done! Thanks :)"

Jessica Moss Greenwich, CT
30-day Money Back Guarantee
Zero Risk - 100% Money Back Guarantee
We stand behind Biotanicals! Our vegan-friendly softgels are the best natural vitamins on the market. Biotanicals gets sea berries directly from the source,so you can be confident in your health and beauty breakthrough!

If you aren't completely satisfied with your results, simply contact us and we will refund your order, no questions asked! We are that confident you will love it.

Natural Beauty In Three Months

Month One...

Within the first few weeks, you will start to notice your hair feeling smoother and looking healthier. Your hair will begin to grow faster now. You will also notice your nails are growing a little faster than normal.

Month Two...

During the second month, hair growth will increase and look even more shiny and healthy! Biotanicals will restore your skin's elasticity and you will start to notice a natural glow with stronger hair and nails.

Month Three...

During the third month there will be no denying the effects Biotanicals has had on your hair, skin, and nails. You are providing your body the key building blocks necessary to boost re-generation.

Food For Your Hair

Biotanicals provides your hair with micro-nutrients, because each capsule is made of nutrient dense food (oils). There is strong evidence that the Omega-7 in Biotanicals is the secret to fuller, more beautiful hair. The synergistic affect of Biotanicals not only fortifies your hair but also enhances your complexion and skin tone. Omega-7 also stimulates nail growth! You will see a difference the first month you use Biotanicals.

Quit throwing your money away on procedures that don't dramatically improve your appearance. Get Started today! Cancel your next botox appointment and buy Biotanicals. Your body will thank you.

Women Throughout History

Since ancient Greece, people have known the powers of sea buckthorn. Throughout history, sea buckthorn has been revered for its nourishing, regenerative, and restorative properties.

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Wild-Crafted Himalayan sea berry.
Pure Turkestanica.
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